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# of Homeless in Pinellas County

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Households Struggling Financially

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Well, the need is so great in Pinellas County. We have over 100 units that we currently operate, own and manage – rental units for low-income families. All of those units are 100% occupied.

All of the time.

The need is so great that we are looking at moving forward with a very aggressive approach to help alleviate the homelessness problem..

Ed Thiebe

Development Director, Community Service Foundation

We Are Shovel Ready


With the Community Service Foundation, it meant something to my heart to know that these people that have this organization know about the pride and the community that I grew up in. It’s like if we were a stranger, and they took the time out to find out who I was and even I found out more about myself.

With the Community Service Foundation not only is it affordable rent, but they have the biggest resources that I have ever seen, and the friendliest smiles…

Adelle Bradley

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We Have An Affordable Housing Problem


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Yeah absolutely, I think that any modern police agency is going to adopt community police philosophy where your working with community partners that have like minded goals much like the Community Service Foundation. You are looking for people that want to improve the community, as a police officer I can come in and do proactive police work, but I can’t hold the corner permanently.

The environment has to change, the economic factors have to change and some of the struggling families that are trying to make ends meet they need some support from us and from our partners to help get through that period of transition.

Dan Slaughter

Clearwater Police Chief

Help Create Safe Neighborhoods


Not only do you know where it is, you can drive by the place you are supporting. You can touch it and feel it and the truth is we can’t change the world, we really can’t. We can change our neighborhoods, one house at a time and one person at a time, one street at a time.

And it’s sad to say this, but I have gotten hit so many times to donate to Haiti and I honest to God flat out refused. I said no this is my community. We have more people in our own community that need help than people in another country. As cold as that may sound, I believe charity starts from home and I am a living testament to that.

Abe Moussa

Business Owner

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Give Back To Working Local Families


I recently came down here to Florida from New Jersey about 4 or 5 months ago and hooked up with Kerri & CSF, Community Service and they have helped me with resources with housing and volunteer work and I am working part time here at the Cafe Vienna with Pastor Rocco and I just want to say that their community service provided me not only housing and resources for other opportunities to work and go to volunteer work and I would recommend this for anybody that’s looking for those resources. Nichle Jones

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